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Ronald Reagan was the 40th President of the United States and the 33rd Governor of California. He was defeated in his run for the Republican presidential nomination in 1968 as well as 1976, but won both the nomination and election in 1980. As president, Reagan implemented new political initiatives as well as economic policies, advocating a laissez-faire philosophy, but the extent to which these ideas were implemented is debatable. The policies, dubbed “Reaganomics,” included substantial tax cuts implemented in 1981. After surviving an assassination attempt and ordering controversial military actions in Grenada, he was re-elected in a landslide victory in 1984. Reagan’s second term was marked by the ending of the Cold War, as well as a number of administration scandals, notably the Iran-Contra affair. The president ordered a massive military buildup in an arms race with the Soviet Union, foregoing the previous strategy of dtente. He publicly portrayed the USSR as an “Evil Empire” and supported anti-Communist movements worldwide. (more…)
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February 6: Waitangi Day in New Zealand; Ash Wednesday in Western Christianity (2008).
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