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We have our first two Community Editors.
Fenlander from the forums has volunteered to work on the History section of the site.
We also have the The Norfolk Shed from the forums who has volunteered to create a gardening section.
Hopefully once they have had a chance to read the documentation for the site, tried to fathom out where they are going, had their first nervous breakdown they’ll start to publish pages on the Web Portal.
The documentation is in a draft state so it might be a while before they can release their work to the outside world.
Let me thank them again for volunteering.
If anybody else would like to get involved in helping with the site please drop me an email via on the Web Portal.
You could perhaps take over the front news section here, write a section on the web portal, or suggest something else.
The site is for residents of Barroway Drove, so if you have a suggestion please post it on the forums or drop me an email.