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Following on from the discussions earlier this year we have now recieved a letter about the fate of the house numbering scheme for Barroway Drove.
The Council have decided we are indeed a Village and as such we need to have a name for the road.
There are two options, The Drove and Main Road.
There was some objection at the meetings to Main Road and it appears this has been listened to because the Councils preference is for The Drove.
However, they have left the decision up to us and enclosed a form that can be posted back to the Council to make your vote.
For a bit of background the road actually needs a name and can’t be the same as the Village name, it’s something to do with the way the post address would work and if it wasn’t made different we would actually become part of Stowbridge.
I’ll make no claim to the accuracy of that statement but that’s the vague recolection of the conversation had with the Council at the public consultation.
Just out of interest I’ve created a poll on the forum to canvas opinion from our users.
Nothing official but just to get a feel for peoples preference.
The poll is here –,404.0.html
and for those of you not aware of the House Numbering Scheme please take a look a the documentation here –;sa=album;id=4