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At long last the hump on Barroway Drove has gone.
The contractors started on the work this Tuesday (31st August 2010) and finished on the first.
The repair has gone very well and the new road surface is something to behold.
If you look at the photographs in the gallery you can see they’ve almost taken nothing off with the planer at some points and 150mm elsewhere to smooth the surface.
They’ve also installed a fiberglass membrane between the sublayer and the top running surface to lock them together across the width of the road.
The intention of the membrane is to stop the road heaving so much hopefully stopping the hump reappearing.
Lets hope this best bit of road in the Village isn’t destroyed come the end of October when the A1122 work starts, it would be a crying shame to see all that work and 44,000 go to waste.
In the meantime Anglia Water managed to find the leak in the mains water pipe running past the farm (see the flood picture) without damaging the road too much. The water had got quite deep in places with over 50mm of water across most of their lawn.