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>>HERE<< Story by Jo Garner: Copyright Downham News/Lynn News. A Barroway Drove couple have discovered more information about their family after making contact with long-lost relatives in Canada through the village website. Kay and Geoff Beckett were approached by Vicky Howling, who passed on details she had received from Joan and Jerry Hooks, of Ontario, who were trying to find further details of Jerry's grandmother, Margaret, who was born in Barroway Drove. "Jerry's grandmother was sister to Geoff's grandmother, Sarah," explained Kay, who intends delving further into her husband's ancestors as a hobby during the autumn months. "We knew there were some cousins in Canada, but we didn't know who they were or where they lived. We've been able to fill them in with quite a few details but there are still some parts of the puzzle we have yet to solve," explained Kay, who has been swapping images of old postcards and family pictures along with the information since contact was made with the Canadian couple. She explained that Geoff's great grandmother, Susan Ivitt, was married it Isaac Jackson at Nordelph in 1873. They had three daughters, Sarah who was born in 1876, Betsy born in 1880 and Margaret born in 1882. Sarah married James Beckett and they lived in Barroway Drove all their lives, and had two sons and a daughter, Betsy, who remained single, lived in Taylors Row in the village, while Margaret emigrated to Canada. Kay added: "We know that Geoff's great grandmother died in 1915, but we still haven't managed to find out what happened to Betsy even though she lived in Barroway Drove all her life and we still don't know how Margaret came to go out to Canada. "it's a bit like doing a puzzle and trying to find the missing pieces," said Kay, who has received copies of documents from the Canadian side of the family, "We get regular e-mails from the now," she added. Jay had already spent some time looking up details of her own family and had just started delving further into the Beckett's past when news of the Hooks' inquiry came through. Geoff, a retired farmer, has lived in Barroway Drove since his early childhood and his father was born in the village. "At least we have been able to fill in some of the gaps but there are still lots more pieces to find. We have lots of old postcards and photographs of the family, but I just wish I had asked my mother-in-law a lot more questions when she was alive," said Kay. "It's made me realise how important it is to write the dates and who is who on the back of my own photographs so our own children don't have the same problems." The Hooks' original e-mail to the Barroway Drove website in July included an old photograph of the school, which immediately drew the attention from Vicky, who has a keen interest in local history and has traced her own family back seven generations, just in the village. "We started exchanging e-mails and when the name Beckett came up I got in touch with Kay and Geoff," she said. "It all happened within a few days, and I'm so please, because of my own involvement in family history. It's just nice to be able to put other people in touch with long-lost relatives.