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ON-GOING efforts to make his home more energy efficient have earned Paul Page national recognition and a place in the countrys top 130 super-saving homes.
The Barroway Drove plant driver has already invested heavily in thermal and solar systems, a biomass boiler along with extra insulation and is well on his way to zero-carbon rating.Ive reduced my Co2s by 92 per cent and if I can just get planning for a small wind turbine I reckon Ill be able to reach the 100 per cent efficiency – and thats where I want to be, said Paul, who now has an extra incentive.Ive just been told Im to be a grandfather so now I feel Im doing this for an even better cause. I dont want my grandchildren having to cope with nuclear waste and if we can all do our little bit to help reduce our carbon footprint we may just be able to make a difference.The person from the National Energy Foundation who did the inspection reckons some of the new homes are not as efficient as mine, but once you get started on this road theres no turning back and I still go round the bungalow turning off lights when not needed.Pauls property is also one of Norfolks Green Buildings, an initiative in partnership with the Council for the Protection of Rural England.Wind turbines sometimes stir up issues about noise and they do have to rotate at a fair speed to generate energy, but sound from a 4.9 metre turbine in a strong wind is actually cancelled out by other outside noises. The wind going through two cherry trees would make as much if not more noise and the turbine I hope to install is a mere 2.5 – its very small, said Paul.Pauls home at the Ladys Drove T-junction in Barroway Drove is open this weekend and hes always happy to give free advice to anyone interested in taking energy-saving measure in their own homes.There are a lot of pressure sales out there and a lot of pitfalls. People need to be aware of whats out there, said Paul who was recently praised by Grand Designs presenter Kevin McCloud at a recent exhibition in London.I had a chat with him and told him what I was doing and he said Keep up the good work because we need people like you, which was a nice thing to say.This is not something I do for a living, Im a digger driver who is passionate about saving energy and money and Im only too happy to pass on what Ive learned.For further details contact Paul on 07961 314068 or visit his website www.eastangliarenewables.yolasite.comends