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Today has seen a much needed site update.
The photos of the Flower, Produce and Craft Show are finally up here.
Sorry for the delay I’ve been suffering technical difficulties. Assuming laziness is classed as a technical difficulty?
You might not see your entry for the show in the photographs, I’ve limited the number of photographs to 100 from the few hundred taken on the day so it’s limited to class winners.
We’re nearly at 500 photographs on the Gallery, if you have any you want to submit either register and upload them or drop us an email at for help.
Don’t forget we can scan images for you if you only have them in hard copy.
The second update is on our History site (click the History button above or here).
We’ve been given 130 photographs for the site, the first wave of updates are on the Barroway Drove School page and the Village Hall page.
Take a look at the site and let us know what you think.
Don’t forget you can update and add pages to the History site yourself.
If you aren’t confident with editing Wikis drop us an email at and let us know what you want edited.
Can you name any of the people in the photographs or perhaps help us track down the year in which they were taken?
Please let us know.