Barroway Drove Community Website

Barroway Drove Community Website
A new front page look

If you are here I am sure you have noticed the slightly redesigned front end to the website.

Hopefully people will like the new look, it should speed up the initial loading speeds for dial-up users if nothing else.

Enjoy the new pictures on the site.
News update via Email is now on the site

As of today it’s now possible to email news items directly to the front
page of the website.

This new feature allows event organisers to post up front page news
without contacting the Administrator.
The server checks for new mail on
the hour and posts any news emailed to it.

This post has been brought to you via the new feature.
Any event
organisers that want access to this feature please get in contact.
The night of the living dead?

Has the night of the living dead descended upon our little Village?

Fortunately not, our annual Trick or Treat village walk is underway as this message is posted.
We have a large group this year as you can see in the photographs in the gallery

Thank you to all of those households that have agreed for the Children to stop and knock on your door.
This organised event is a much safer way for the Children to celebrate Halloween as a big group but it wouldn’t be possible without the adult supervision and the consent of homeowners.

Happy Halloween!