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There are some photographs of the recent Summer Children’s Activities organised by the Barroway Drove Social Committee in the Gallery section of the site.
The two days were a great success and there are more to follow over the coming weeks.
The first day was in cooperation with the Greater Fens Museum Partnership, they organised a discussion on Dinosaurs and followed this with a practical session of making Dinoducks.
If you want to see what a Dinoduck is (I certainly did) go take a look in the gallery
At the same time as the dinosaur extravaganza the children were also able to turn their hand to tie dyeing.
Some examples of their superb creations can be seen in the gallery.
Tie dyeing will be available on some of the other activity days in the summer holidays, check the Calendar for more details
The second day was organised and funded by the Fens LeAP Leader+, the children were given the opportunity to create cardboard sculptures from recycled materials.
Again you can see examples of their work in the gallery.
We’d like to thank the Greater Fens Museum Partnership and the Fens LeAP Leader+ for their assistance in organising the two days activities.
Thanks should also go to the volunteers from the village who helped on the day.
Hopefully everyone who attended had a good time and will look forward to the next Summer Children’s activities on 1st, 2nd and 3rd of August.
See the Calendar for more details.